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Owner Bio

I'm Alex Cordrey, owner and licensed general contractor. 

I've always loved building things and working with my hands.  I went from Legos to Erector Sets, tree forts to skate ramps, furniture to guitars.  After college, I started a painting business to support my music career.  I am not making much music anymore, but still building!

Below is a list of some of my experience, in work and in life. I believe all of this contributes to providing you with superior service in a general contractor:

Work/school experience:

Bachelor's in Mass Communications, Miami U., 1995

7 years running a painting business

3 years building musical instruments

5 years as a journeyman/foreman in various trades

7 years in business as a licensed general contractor

Former Building Performance Institute Building Analyst

Former Participating Contractor in Energy Upgrade CA


Life experience:

Studied Permaculture Design

Domestic and international travel as a touring musician

Father of 3 wonderful kids

10 years practicing yoga and other personal growth modalities

Construction, communication, parenting, music, yoga... they all come into play during a construction project, and I think they are all assets that will help us produce stellar results with the most possible ease.

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