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Palatial Bathroom

This beautiful bathroom was not without its challenges.  The homeowner did the design herself, which worked out in the end, but listen to me when I tell you, people:  Hire a designer!!!  Designers bring the vision.  A good one will help narrow thousands of options down to 2 or 3, make drawings and renderings and floor plans, make sure all the materials are on site when the contractor needs them.  My favorite designer will hand me a packet before I even bid a job that has all the schematics on all the appliances and fixtures, names of the tiles and paint colors and literally everything I need to build a job.  She makes life SO much easier for me and for the homeowners.  Just shopping for tiles alone can take hours upon hours.  A good designer will more than pay for him/herself in time and headache saved.  Their experience will guide you through pitfalls you may not even know exist.  Is this enough of an endorsement?  A plea even?  Do us all a favor and hire a designer for your project!